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"The Wooden Boy" by San Francisco Artist Brian Moore

Arriving at the Hunters Point Shipyard Artist colony in San Francisco one gets the impression that the ghost's every artist speaks of having experienced on site are very real. They must become fast friends to any artist working in the isolated buildings. This sort of essential atmosphere that can push an artist to create profound work that not only speaks to them but also the world. Brian Moore has achieved this. His new body of work titled "The Wooden Boy" arrives timely with it's finger on the pulse of the so called civilized world ripping it's self in two. Two Words dominate our conversation, "Fake News."

Before me are two large Pinocchio "War Time" paintings with disarmingly whimsical characterization. Rendered in playful style, up close each wooden boy looks like a single piece of wrapped candy. Step back and they become clusters looking like an all out Pinocchio mass genocide. Wooden boys being blown to bits and my is it deeply satisfyin…

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